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Best of ARCH101- Introduction to Design.

During my first experience with Rhinoceros 3D, the first thing I managed to make were a pyramid and a cube. Later on I learned how to change the layer and level of transparency of an object as well as rotating and changing its size. This design was one of my first attempts at a digital environment. One major criticism I got about the design was that it was more of a "sculpture rather than a design", it resembled many real life objects- from a hedgehog to da missile :D

One other thing I realized from the criticism the design got was that I should put my focus more on the process of design and less on how aesthetically pleasing it is. With keeping this lesson in mind, I improved my skills to challenge myself on my next assignment.

This time I wanted to work more with linear elements and their relation with planes. My main aim was to show how a simple could be altered for many things. This time around we were also studying the concept of "a themed design", so I chose to emphasize the layering operations done on the design.

The design was criticized mainly for the fact that it was "almost two-dimentional". My decision to only keep my layers on one direction was the reason why it happened, that's what I learned.

Finally, the Final Jury was right around the corner, we were asked to create a GIF and a poster for our design for the exhibition day.

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