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Applying Modulars to Designs

On my previous post, I've talked about our first encounter with modulars and scale. As a continuation of that assignment, we were asked to apply our and our animals' modulars to proposal models in order to examine both the human's and the animal's experience in a 3 dimensional system. We were supposed to design our proposals according to the spatial experience the living creatures would have.

On my first trial, I put more focus on slopes rather than parallel surfaces to provide more climbing spaces for the lemur, that I made the modular of with a black and white striped tail. Ring-tailed lemurs are herbivore prey animals, mostly preyed on by wild birds therefore both hiding and outdoor spaced were designed for the lemur. For the human to be able to observe the lemur even when the animal is in hiding, narrow transparent surfaces that show multiple layers were used in a way that would not threaten the animal. The height at some surfaces of the hiding spots were also adjusted for the human to create mutual spaces.

Later on, I have made some additions to increase the amount of mutual spaces while still keeping the hiding spots.

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