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About the First Jury of the Semester

This week, we had our first jury of the second semester. We have been working on our sections of Botanic Park for a while now and this time we were assigned to show the instances on both our maps and on our sections of choice.

I chose my sections based on their location and what they indicated. I specifically chose one closer to Atakule (section 1), one near the greenhouse where it is most crowded (section 2), one passing through the pond (section 3) and one near the forestation (section 4).

The major focus of my study was, however, on when rather than where. I chose four common hours and observed accordingly: sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight. ı also restricted my observations into 5 instances: Sound, wind, temperature, crowd and light.

Not only did I assign each instance its own operation, I also showed them separately on each section and on each time.

Before moving onto my map, here's the locations of each section for reference.

The resulting map used overlapping half-transparent rectangles to indicate the mass and location of all instances.

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